Canopy has been created as a multi-channel ‘self-serve’ tool to help companies manage their employee benefits programmes in a much more timely and controlled manner. Rather than instruct ECIS to make changes to their policy or to notify us of a sick pay claim, this can all be done online through Canopy, at their convenience. “When initiating the project we looked at many different possible platforms but the Acturis NIS solution was the only one we identified that could address the complexity of the solution.

Phil Scarrett – Sales and Marketing Director at ECIS

The Challenge

The project had 2 main objectives. Firstly to move ECIS from several old legacy systems on to a single platform covering all business and operational requirements. Secondly, release a new online web portal to enable employers to manage all of their employee benefits in one place.

The Solution

The ECIS solution uses the standard NIS Policy and Claims administration platforms for a suite of employee benefits products and a customer website developed on the NIS API. NIS Bulk Processes give ECIS users the ability to renew policies, send customer communications, process monthly direct debits, process weekly sick-pay claim payments, and handle seasonal holiday pay transactions, through a queued workflow system. These processes replace hundreds of hours of manual tasks each month. The claims administration system is used for handling claims which are automated to a high degree to reduce user touch points. The Employer Portal website allows designated employer staff members to securely access and edit information about their employees and allows policy holders to notify ECIS about sickness claims for their staff, including the ability to upload supporting documentation to support the claims.