I have worked with the NIS team at Acturis through the design, build, deployment and BAU stages of the system and have found the experience really refreshing. We have a true partnership approach to every aspect of the project and system management. Acturis bring an excellent level of expertise and experience to all discussions and continually help us work out how we are going to capitalise on market opportunities that arise. We have found Acturis to have a realistic understanding that things change as the project progresses and have allowed plenty of scope to be able to work with them to ensure that what is delivered is of the highest standards. Acturis are a highly valued business partner and we would recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their systems provider.

David Runacre, Director of Strategic Change, Pet Protect Ltd.

The Challenge

Pet Protect were looking to select a strategic technology platform and partner for their pet insurance products with a solution that was proven, configurable, and expandable for policy enrolment, servicing, claims management, payments and premium processing with online services for customers. Pet Protect needed a solution with a flexible and open API to support their custom websites and integrations with comparison websites. The project would need to facilitate a data migration from their legacy systems.

The Solution

The solution for Pet Protect is built upon the standard NIS software suite including the out-of-the-box policy and claims administration applications, product maintenance tool, and use of the NIS API.

The policy administration system hosts a single dynamic multi-pet insurance product covering all Pet Protect’s varying product requirements with fully integrated and dynamic customer email and document templates. The system supports integrated Direct Debit collections and the ability to collect card payments through a secure integration with Semafone. The product is exposed through the NIS API for integration to the Pet Protect online quote and buy website along with the full suite of pet insurance customer comparison websites.

Pet Protect also have a customer portal fully integrated to the policy admin system to allow policyholders to login and view their policy documents, pay by card for any outstanding premiums, and even initiate the process of making a claim. 

The NIS claims administration system is used for handling all claims with a complex set of task workflows helping to reduce claims handler input and assessments. Claims can be paid direct to policyholders or direct reimbursement can be made to the vet via the NIS integrated Providers Network module.