NIS for Claims & Assistance


NIS for Claims & Assistance

Automated. Integrated. Faster.

Our integrated assistance and claims platform provides you with an easy-to-use case management system trusted by service providers across the globe. From simple, automated claims processing to highly complex medical assistance case management, our system has the tools you need to run your operations accurately and efficiently, and provide your partners with the assurance that their policy holders are in the best hands.

Faster Processing with Automation

Create automated flows to process your cases quicker. Enable your users to focus on the tasks that matter. Automation can process payments, handle information gathering from the claimant, and handle communications.

Automated Controlling & Fraud Management

Mitigate your risks with automated controlling and fraud management.

Multi-lingual / Multi-currency

Expand your operations globally with tried and tested lingual and financial features, all done within one collective platform. Give claimants and users a local experience In a globally connected platform.

Integrated Provider Network

Connecting to your partners and providers is key to driving a streamlined business. With our provider network, you stay connected and re-pricing has never been quicker and easier.

Work Distribution

Overloading employees slows processing. Providing workload distribution by reviewing availability and accessibility, you will be able to get more done faster.

Workflow Driven Processes

Cases vary in shape and size. Using automated and well-defined processes and processing makes a difference. We provide you with the most comprehensive and process optimizing management tools available to provide the fastest and smoothest experience for both users and clients.

Work with Multiple Covers on a Single Case

Creating individual claims and cases for a multi-coverage usage belongs to the past. By creating all-cover-usage on one case as well as adding co-claimants, your users can collaborate and process a claim faster and your client’s experience is elevated with a streamlined process.

Customized Screen Layout

No user or team is the same. Create individual layouts to support your users and their roles. Make the system provide your users with a tailored experience to meet their daily needs.

Full Audit Trail

Never lose sight of what was and still is important with comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities. Track and monitor key variables keeping your operations on track and compliant.